Hypnosis for Health & Healing

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Hypnosis for Growth & Self Improvement

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Hypnosis & Emotional Healing

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General Services We Provide

Hypnotherapy and Energy Healing Services

1 Hour Hypnotherapy Session  $75  

1 Hour In Home Visitation  $85

1.5 Hour Hypnotherapy Session  $85  

1.5 Hour Hypnotherapy In Home Session  $95

Past Life Regression

1.5 Hour Session  $85

Hypnosis for Self Improvement

A first appointment is 1-1.5 hours and involves conditioning a new client into hypnosis and providing a recommended treatment/action plan to follow in between sessions.  Every 3 sessions the price will be discounted to allow for the client to know they are a valued client and to feel that therapy is readily available and affordable for them as long as they wish to continue.  The rate will remain the same at any time in the future when you may wish to come in for any other issues related or not.

The only exception for reduced rates is Past Life Regression Therapy and Advanced Energy Healing Therapy which are both 1.5 hour sessions for $85.

Energy Healing Attunements

These energy attunements recharge the energetic field in and around the body to encourage optimal emotional balance, well-being, and mental and physical health

The client simply rests comfortably laying down a table for the treatment

The Basic Energy Healing Attunement brings new energy into the energetic field of the client so that it can renew, relax, and invigorate and dissolve blockages to the flow of energy through the body.  

The Advanced Energy Attunement and Healing not only re-inforces the energetic balance in the body and opens the core energy centers of the body but also integrates in energies from the higher centers above and outside the body, grounding these energies and bringing them into the body.  This strengthens the bio-magnetic energy field of the body and attunes it to receive energy & expand.

These Energy Healings can be done in person and over a distance as a remote healing

Basic Level Energy Healing Attunement    

1 hour $75

Distance Energy Attunement/Remote Healing  $75

In Home Visitation Energy Healing Attunement $85

Advanced Level Energy Attunement and Healing  

1 hour 30 minutes   $85 

Advanced Distance/Remote Attunement and Healing $85

In Home/Other Visitation $95

About Our Services

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We provide in home services, hospital visits, hospice care and will accommodate those who cannot travel to Asheville NC 

Please see the general cost for services send email with location and request for services

Additional charges may apply for those outside a 60 mile radius of the Asheville NC area

The Blue Ridge Hypnotherapy Asheville Office is located at 5 Covington St.  Asheville, NC. 28806

E-mail ASHEVILLEHYPNOTHERAPY@GMAIL.COM for requests, questions, and to schedule an appointment!


Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy for Children/Teenagers

Addresses common issues that children and teenagers may face in their daily lives including lack of focus, unhealthy diet, lack of motivation, confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth.  Hypnosis for specific issues such as nail biting, hair pulling, eating disorders, social anxiety, nervous and other behavioral problems.

Hypnosis is Subconscious Behavioral Therapy and is useful for changing any negative behavior patterns, thought processes, feelings or emotional reactions.


Complete Holistic Health Assessment, Evaluation, and Consultation 


Valuable insight into your life that often cannot be accessed in any other way


Powerful accelerated form of healing and instant self growth


Self directed form of therapy for self help and healing


Useful for trauma, stress, and removing negatively charged memories


Using sound frequencies to stimulate deep healing


Breathing techniques, meditations for stress, meditations for controlling the mind

Meditations for abundance, prosperity, to maximize energy, focus, and mental clarity

E-mail ASHEVILLEHYPNOTHERAPY@GMAIL.COM for requests, questions, and to schedule an appointment!

Benefits of Hypnosis

Additional Information

Integrated Holistic Mind Body Approach & Therapeutic Treatment for health/healing, self-improvement, & self-empowerment

Hypnotherapy is a completely natural holistic approach that addresses many common issues such as, but not limited to:

  • Stress, Tension, Restlessness,  Anxiety, Fatigue, Emotional Distress, Grief, Sadness, Family and/or Financial Loss, Infirmity, and Illness.          
  • Weight Issues, Poor Physical Fitness,  Health Problems, Smoking and other addictive behavior patterns, Attention Deficit, Lack of Self-Control and/or Discipline.
  • Undesirable or Unwanted Behaviors, Obsessive or Addictive Behavior Patterns, Destructive Habits, Lack of Focus and Direction, Loss of meaning, purpose, or direction in life
  • Insomnia, Poor Eating Habits, Poor Self Image, Lack of Self-Esteem, Confidence, Initiative, Motivation, 
  • Relationship Problems, Sexual Dysfunction, Communication Issues, Children's and Family related problems
  • Pain Management, Intolerance, Impatience, Lack of Memory/Recall, Chronic Pain, Dental or Doctor's Referrals/Recommendations

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy for self-improvement focuses on personal transformation and growth in all areas of life

These may include personal hobbies/interests/skills that you wish to improve on, school/study habits, or work/career related goals

These may also be aimed at improved relationships and communication strategies or preparation for important life transitions

Hypnotherapy helps with confidence for job interviews, preparing for exams/tests, thesis papers, and public/academic presentations

Hypnotherapy helps people overcome fears, phobias, trauma, doubts, limitation/obstacles, and negative self-defeating habits and behaviors. 

Examples of proven strategies and successful results using hypnosis and hypnotherapy include:

Sports/Stage performance:  Actors, Singers, Musicians, Dancers, Comedians, and any stage performers or athletes use hypnotherapists

to improve focus, discipline, confidence, motivation, and performance related goals when practicing and competing, and to create 

personal strategies for success that are uniquely customized to their personality and have specific importance, meaning, power, and purpose.

Public speaking practice and events, teaching, writing (writer's block), movie/film and music producers, researchers/scientists, and similar

professions use hypnosis and hypnotherapists to get into the zone through optimal mental and physical attributes unique to their discipline.

Athletes that find themselves stuck in a rut, or recovering from an injury, or facing obstacles, fears, and set backs use hypnosis to help them

retrieve their focus, motivation, and tap into their true potential as a performer, athlete, or trained professional.

All professional sports teams have a psychologist on staff who will send specific athletes to hypnotherapists to regain their confidence, 

self-esteem, focus, and prepare them to recover/heal, set new goals, and reach new levels of confidence, performance, and success.

E-mail ASHEVILLEHYPNOTHERAPY@GMAIL.COM for requests, questions, and to schedule an appointment!

Increase Healing & Recovery

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy have been shown to increase the body's ability to heal and restore itself allowing for a more rapid recovery from illness, injury, or surgical procedures.

Studies have shown that hypnosis before procedures lessens discomfort, distress, and anxiety; and hypnosis after procedures improves recovery time

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