Holistic Health, Healing, & Self Improvement

Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy

    Hypnosis itself and the psychological and physiological states created through and by hypnosis can have far reaching health benefits.   

A heightened degree of awareness and processing is facilitated through working with consciousness and the power of the mind in hypnosis.  The emotions, thoughts, feelings, and behaviors come into alignment and balance creating numerous mental & physical health benefits.​

Numerous studies on the benefits of hypnosis are posted here www.facebook.com/blueridgehypnotherapy

Hypnosis Increases Oxygen Supply

    Hypnosis has been shown to increase blood flow to the brain and increase available oxygen supply to the brain and body. 

This allows for increased ability to directly process information as it relates to the mind and its biofeedback mechanisms from brain to body and from the body to the brain. 

This means an increased awareness and ability to process vital information that is necessary for new learning.  This allows for homeostasis, regulation, and maintenance of the body, as well as health and healing. 

    This increased circulation and oxygen provides support to organs and their related energy systems, and creates greater states of ease and well-being.  

    The glandular and nervous system are stimulated through mental connections in neural networks and nuerotransmitters respond readily to the physiological and psychologically induced state of hypnosis. 

    This allows for ease of transmission of energy and communication known as biofeedback.  The body and its natural feedback system enhance and regulate health, digestion, immunity and other subsconscious processes.

Mental and Emotional Health

Parasympathetic Nervous System

Hypnosis activates the parasympathetic nervous system which allows for rest, relaxation, digestion, healing, sleep, recovery, & restoration.

These changes allow for numerous health benefits including increased peace of mind, better listening skills, increased patience and understanding and relationship skills.  This activation of the parasympathetic nervous system allows greater awareness, receptivity and mental processing (as well as physical digestion of foods - mental digestion of impressions is equally as important) and concentration, memory, processing, and recall.


Being well rested, calm, focused, and confident allows for better sleep, better work, better relationships, and better health and emotional stability.  This allows one's resources to be in order to cultivate health, wealth, and happiness.

Sympathetic Nervous System

When the sympathetic nervous system is activated there is a sense of arousal and stress responses in the body. 

These reactions often lead to fight/flight or the body entering into survival mode to ensure physical protection and safety. 

When the sympathetic nervous system is not properly balanced with the parasympathetic we become stressed, over-

loaded, overwhelmed.  This creates wear and tear on the body's system as well as psychologically creates imbalances and stress in the emotional, mental, and physical health of the individual.  The parasympathetic nervous system being activated through hypnosis allows for the body to return to a natural state of healing, restoration, relaxation, and balance. 

Holistic Health & Behavior

The holistic approach to Hypnosis that we use at Blue Ridge Hypnotherapy takes into account your programming at the subconscious level and works on two levels.  The first is a process of removing (de-sensitizing) negative conditioning (thought patterns, beliefs, habits, and behaviors) and removing their negative charge (associated stress/trauma/discomfort/etc) and letting go of past circumstances.  

Simultaneously, as the old patterns fall away due to lack of enforcement of behaviors (and a lack of supporting the same neural circuits and wiring that created the behavior in the first place) new and stronger, more positive behavior patterns are substituted and the associated positive feelings, thoughts, and emotions that support those new behavior patterns.  This allows for a new improved pattern of behavior to substitute for the old behavior patterns and for overall functioning to be smoother, easier, more natural way of being at ease and comfortable with yourself.

You are the same person but without the limitations, blockages, and negative emotions and beliefs about yourself. 

If a new positive behavioral substitute isn't given to over ride the old habits then people may not know how to create a healthy lifestyle and what changes to make to stay in an optimal state of well being.  The new positive behaviors are associated with new states of happiness, contentment, joy, and well-being which makes returning to the old habits much less favorable and instead favors long lasting change and motivation to feel more of those wonderful feelings associated with positive outcomes. 

Mind Body Health & Communication

The Mind & Nervous System

Hypnosis is one of the top 3 recommended treatments for anxiety & related issues from social anxiety, performance anxiety, test/exam anxiety, etc. and deals with the real triggers and causes of stress and anxiety without medications.

Correcting imbalances in the nervous system through communication with the mind and body.

  Using the natural intelligence of the body, the body's natural biochemistry, and the power of the mind to heal, and/or overcome obstacles to health, happiness, & success.

A major and instant benefit of hypnosis is that it activates the parasympathetic nervous system which allows for peace, rest, relaxation, digestion, restoration, repair, and rejuvenation in both mind and body.  

Holistic Health & Hypnosis Action Plans and Detox Programs

-Weight Loss & Holistic Health Programs

-Lower Blood Pressure 

-Increase exercise

-Increase immunity

-Increased stamina/endurance

-Increase circulation  

-Increase energy and focus

-Increase Self Control

-Increase discipline to create healthy routines, establish healthy guidelines

-Increase digestion, assimilation, elimination

-Increase absorption and uptake of vitamins, minerals, fats/protein through holistic health treatment plans

-Eliminate toxic foods & food products

-Understand preventative medicine and how to create optimal health and heal the body holistically.  

-Reverse aging, illness, and disease holistically

Stress & Physiology

When a  person has a lot of stress but a good nutritious diet and is able to get regular exercise and adequate sleep then they are most likely able to manage and handle a moderate amount of stress.  When a person who has a poor diet, lacks regular exercise and/or adequate sleep but has no real stress in life (which is extremely rare as everyone encounters stress in several areas of personal/work/family life not just in one area, let alone stress in none of these areas) then they will be able to manage and the body may be able to tolerate lack of ideal conditions for health without major consequences, at least temporarily.  However when one encounters regular stress and has poor diet/nutrition, lack or exercise, and/or poor sleep patterns then the combination of psychological stress and physiological conditions can create a programmed feedback loop that keeps one's sympathetic nervous system constantly in a state of action and imbalance which creates wear and tear on the system and results in various imbalances, conditions, diseases and dysfunction 

Health Benefits of Hypnotherapy


Increase oxygen flow & circulation

Lower blood pressure

Increase Healing & Recovery Time 

Pain Management

Reduce stress and tension

Increase relaxation and comfort

Increase tolerance to stress and pain

Increase energy and well-being

Diet, Nutrition, and Optimal Health

Increase motivation to exercise

Lose or manage unwanted Weight 

Increase physical fitness


Increase focus & concentration

Enhance and expand self awareness

Find clarity, passion, and purpose

Achieve personal/career goals

Increase communication abilities

Increase confidence & motivation

Preparation for important events:

Personal, Work/Career, School/Study Stage performance & Public Speaking

Sports Competition/Peak Performance

Learn to be more present & mindful

Understanding the Ego & Intellect

Increase memory, concentration, attention and recall


Assertive Communication

Self Reliance and Self Acceptance

Address & Resolve Fears/Phobias

Increase Self-Respect

Self Esteem & Self Worth

Learn strategies of Self Empowerment

Forgiveness & Compassion

Greater Love & Understanding

Healing Trauma and Wounds

Family & Relationship Issues

Dissolving negative emotions

Creating emotional balance & stability

Find greater satisfaction & fulfillment

Find greater inner peace & tranquility

Optimal Health & Well-Being

When the body is healthy we have the opportunity to experience peace, joy, and happiness.  However these do not happen by themselves necessarily although we do experience them.  We learn to apply ourselves through practice and experience and cultivate states of joy and happiness.  To be healthy means we can enjoy happiness that comes with natural ease and use of the body's energy and resources without depleting ourselves of vital energy

Mental Clarity & Focus

The mind is constantly receiving and evaluating impressions from the environment and using this information for the purpose of its own functioning, in order to adapt as necessary to life's changing circumstances.  However just as the body must digest food, assimilate it, and eliminate it before new food can be processed in the same way, the mind must also digest, process, and assimilate all that it perceives.  When the mind becomes congested, cluttered, preoccupied, and full of stuff that is not properly digested (processed) then there is less room for new growth and expansion.  We become stuck in a 'rut' so to speak and repeat unproductive behavior patterns.  When the mind is uncluttered and its impressions are processed accurately through contemplation, sleep, dreams, and awareness of thoughts and emotions, it releases these stored impressions after digesting them adequately, just as food matter is released from the body.  However we do not see this energy being released but the body knows it is released and feels relief

Emotional Balance

Through past conditioning in childhood and beyond we all store negative beliefs and associations about ourselves, the world, and the other people and things in it.  We may have many positive experiences and associations as well, though negative feelings, emotions, thoughts, and beliefs are bound to assault us, bother us, plague us, or interfere with our natural confidence and well-being.  Because this past conditioning starts when we are young we do not have the conscious ability to rationalize and reason it out or evaluate it logically.  The subconscious stores emotionally charged events and associates meaning and importance to them that is often inflated, exaggerated, unreal, and false.  However the mind doesn't know this and reacts emotionally to protect itself when it feels vulnerable.