Healing the Mind, Body, and Emotions

Increase Healing & Recovery Time

Hypnosis is now known to have significant effects on healing and recovery times.  In numerous studies hypnosis has been shown to increase the body's innate healing capacity and to reduce the time needed for recovery from injuries, illness, surgery, and various other procedures.  Both Doctor's and Dentist's refer patients to Hypnotherapists for natural pain management and to aid in natural healing and recovery

Hypnosis as Anaesthesia

Throughout history hypnosis has been used to manage pain from trauma and illness.  Before modern times anaesthesia and pain medications were not available and hypnosis was often used to create altered states where the experience of pain was greatly diminished.  Today there are people who are allergic to anaesthesia or those who want minimal medication with minimal side effects.  Hypnosis is a natural way to allow the body to prepare for surgery/procedures and to heal and recover from them using theh power of the mind is a natural and safe way that empowers the individual and gives them a sense of control and peace of mind

Hypnosis is a very effective and natural tool for pain management without any side effects

Pain Management

Hypnosis is a safe, effective, and natural way to manage pain.  Many people are becoming more and more dependent on pain medication that has side effects and is habit forming.  In fact, addiction to legal pain medication has now become the main cause of disease and death in the United States.

Hypnosis helps lessen the need for pain medication and can work when nothing else has provided relief for many clients.  Often people are shocked and surprised that their pain of many days, weeks, or months can leave their body 

Emotional Healing and Resolution

Healing Trauma

Hypnosis and eye movement desensitization reprocessing are used to overcome trauma and post traumatic stress reactions.

Negative events that continue to disturb us can be deconditioned through hypnosis and reprocessed through hypnosis and specific therapies such as eye movement desensitization, mindfulness strategies, emotional freedom techniques, and inner child work that heals the mind and emotions and the  physical presence of symptoms.

Loss, Grief, Sadness, Shame

At various stages in life, we all experience a sense of loss of loved ones, career, friends, home, pets, or periods in our life we've outgrown.  Learning to gracefully move through these transitions requires strength, resilience, courage, and determination.

It is normal to grieve and be sad for a short time, however we must collect ourselves and move forward with purpose.  Difficult times may leave us feeling guilty, resentful, angry, upset, or ashamed of our behaviors.  We may have regrets, doubts, worries, or fear of the future and our sense of purpose, direction, or self worth.  Tapping into the power, strength, and resourcefulness of the subconscious mind allows us a renewed perspective and the ability to heal, grow, and move forward in life

Family, Relationships, and Communication

Dysfunctional relationships, separation or divorce, personal and financial difficulties all play a role in our mental outlook on life and on our emotional stability.  Find acceptance, peace, healing, recovery, forgiveness, understanding, and greater tolerance for others.  Learn to separate others problems from your own and take responsibility for your healing and growth through positive motivation, initiative and purposeful action

Energetic Healing Attunements

Everything is energy and consciousness

Healing the Energy Systems in the Body

The body's energy moves and vibrates at certain frequencies.

The lower regions of the body have denser heavier energies that allow the body to function and vibrate in harmony with earth and the physical environment.  The physical center of the body is the navel region where the umbilical cord resides at birth.  At this region and below reside more earthly energies that are consistent with lower vibrational frequencies of earth.  At the heart, neck/throat, and head regions are higher frequency energies that allow us to have experiences that transcend the attachment to the physical environment and physical body.  We begin to feel higher emotions of love, gratitude, and joy in the higher frequency energy centers

High Frequency Energy Attunements

These healing attunements allow work to be done by entering the energetic field that surrounds the body and infusing key areas of the body with high frequency energy that is received as healing vibratory conscious energy that dissolves blockages to the natural flow of energy through all its centers.  The result is a sense of being completely recharged from the inside out, cleansed, and renewed.  The energy allows the body to re-attune itself to its natural higher vibrational frequencies allowing the natural harmony of balance and expression to emerge

Balance, Heal, and Renew Your Energy

Refine your quality of energy in the body and consciously work with this energy to bring about greater capacity for fulfillment in personal/work endeavors, hobbies/creativity, and relationships with the right people.

People find that certain unwanted behaviors, symptoms, allergies, reactions, etc just disappear while many report feeling stronger, more confident, and more creative.  By balancing energy one allows the integration of more energy and of the higher self to begin to unfold on the physical plane.  All of the experiences you have felt drawn to and desired begin to effortlessly flow to you as you re-align, center, and integrate your energy you clear the path for yourself to be successful in your growth and development as a conscious creator